panorama autoral — rmff 2012 —

A film that sees no borders between reality and fiction, it embodies surrealism with comedy and cinema with visual arts, Vimukthi Jayasundara is considered to be one of the greatest cinematographers in the world by European critics. In his third film he presents a simple and melancholic narrative about individuals on the verge of insanity.In the film a man lives in the forest, uses trees as shelter and eats whatever food he can find. While doing that he manages to meet a French soldier with whom he develops a bizarre relationship. On the other, the architect Rahul returns to Kolkata after spending a long time in Dubai; his girlfriend Paoli, overwhelmed by loneliness, longs to spend time with him, but Rahul decides to spend his time searching for his long lost brother who probably is already insane. Rahul discovers that despite what everybody thinks, he might have more in common with his brother than what he thought.

91 min