about us


The Riviera Maya Film Festival was founded in 2012 with the aim of bringing quality films to the people of the State of Quintana Roo and to its many visitors.

From its inception, this festival has focused on the promotion of novel national and international film projects, through its industry platform RivieraLAB. In addition, the RMFF has encouraged national film distribution, through the Mexican Platform section, as two Kukulkan awards are given, every new edition, to the most outstanding films.

Thus, this festival has become a guideline through the latest trends in the international film industry, due to the diverse program that is offered every year to its viewers, who rarely have the chance to enjoy otherwise an equivalent selection of films.

The RMFF wants to provide its audience with a memorable filmic experience, combining quality films and the matchless sceneries of the Riviera Maya. That way, we look forward to strengthen the State of Quintana Roo as a destination of international scope, invigorating cultural and economic growth in the region.


• To promote new film projects, joining personalities of national and international guild.

• To impulse distribution of Mexican quality films, encouraging their promotion and dissemination, through economic support.

• To be a useful film festival, whose rewards and incentives are supportive to the new generations of local and foreign creators in stages of development, post-production and distribution of film projects.

• To provide our attendees a unique and memorable experience that can also spread a message of awareness about global issues.

• To strengthen the State of Quintana Roo as an internationally renowned destination, promoting filmmaking and economic growth in the country.


The Riviera Maya Film Festival seeks to be a guideline for the most important trends in the international film industry, through two main axes: the dissemination of quality films to a wider audience and the supporting of film projects with a solid proffer.


The Riviera Maya Film Festival aims to become an engine of cultural development for the state of Quintana Roo, through the promotion, dissemination and support of quality filmmaking.