special guest RMFF 2016— RMFF TEACHINGS

Alexandre Perrier

A french filmmaker and producer. In 2006 he created the company Kidam, which has produced over thirty short and feature films, among them: “The Cramp”, by Matias Meyer, “Villemolle 81” by Vincent Paronnaud and the multi-awarded “Age Atomique” by Héléna Klotz.

Eva Husson

France, 1977

Director, actress and writer. She studied literature at the Sorbonne and film direction at the American Film Institute. She’s participated in several workshops for film writing. Her short film “Hope to Die” (04) was shown at diverse film festivals around the world. “Bang Gang” is her first feature.

Roxane Mesquida

Marsella, France, 1981

She’s a model and actress with a vast trajectory on both film and television. Many of the films she’s acted in have been shown at the most important festivals in the world, such as Cannes and Toronto. Among her most recent work is her starring role in “Malgré la nuit” (15), the new film by French auteur Philippe Grandrieux.

Diana Lein

Bilbao, Spain, 1976

Living in Mexico for several years now, she started her acting carreer in Spain, where she starred in a short film. Afterwards, she arrived in Mexico City, where she became better known. She’s acted in films such as “Adam and Eve (Still” (04), “Cantinflas” (14) and “Serial Killer” (02). She also has a vast trajectory as a theatre actress.

Cristina Garza

She is the vicepresident of MUNDIAL, an international film agency that deals latinamerican and iberoamerican films. Before this, she was Distribution Director of CANANA, a company founded in 2005 by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz. Cristina graduated with honours from the New York University with a degree in Economics.


Geminiano Piñeda

Mexico City, 1979

Mexican producer and director. He studied film direction in Madrid, at the Superior School of Arts and Spectacles of Spain. He has taken part in the production of films such as “Drama/Mex” (06), “Abel” (10), “Miss Bala” (11) and “The Amazing Catfish”. He is the founder and general director of Cine Canibal, a distribution company. He is now preparing to shoot Paula Markovitch’s next feature “The principal actor”, among other projects.

José Luis Torres Leiva

Santiago, Chile, 1975

Director, screenwriter and producer that has extensively worked with both fiction and documentary. Among his better known films are “The Time That Rests” (07), “The Sky, the Earth and the Rain” (08), “Summertime” (11) and “The Wind Knows I’m Coming Back Home” (15), all of them shown at international film festivals, such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

John Gianvito


Filmmaker, curator, critic and academic whose work has been shown at festivals in Austria, Italy, France, among many others. His filmography includes “The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein” (01), “Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind” (07), “Vapor Trail” (10) and “Subic” (15). He was awarded a medal and the title of Knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Ministry of Culture in France.

David Pablos

Tijuana, Mexico

He studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City and with the aid of the Fulbright scholarship he achieved a specialty in film direction at the Columbia University. After shooting several short films that went on to compete at important film festivals, he directed his first feature “The Life After” (13) and afterwards, his acclaimed “The Chosen Ones” (15), which competed in Cannes.

Marc Abraham


An american producer, actor and director. As a producer he has participated in films such as “Children of Men” (06), “Dawn of the Living Dead” (04) and “Spy Game” (01), among many others. “Flash of Genius” (08) and “I Saw the Light” are his films as a director.

Eduardo Suárez Ruiz

He graduated from CENTRO in Mexico City with a degree in Design. He was the winner of the international workshop Wanted Design NYC 2013 held during the international fair of contemporary furniture in New York City. He is actually the Director of Communication and Strategic Alliances of Fondeadora.mx. He has over three years of experience as a speaker and counselor.

Kazik Radwanski

Toronto, Canada, 1985

He studied film direction at the Ryerson University and went on to co-create MDFF, a production company. His short films have been shown in international film festivals such as Venice, and his first feature “Tower” (12), was exhibited in Locarno and Toronto. His second feature, “How Heavy This Hammer”, had its’ international premiere in Berlin.

Julio Hernández Cordón

He studied film direction at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City. His first three features were screened in festivals such as Toronto, Valdivia, Morelia, and many others. “Polvo” (12), his fourth film, was selected for the 18th sesión of the Residence Cinefondation of the Cannes Film Festival and won several awards. “I Promise You Anarchy”, his most recent work, was premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and obtained several national and international accolades.

Laura Daniela Santullo

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1970

She is a scriptwriter that has won three Ariel Awards and the Best Screenplay Prize in the 13th Athens International Film Festival, among other accolades. Among her work are the screenplays to all the films directed by Rodrigo Plá.

Lucía Ferreyra

Santiago del Estero, Argentina, 1987

She studied film direction at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. She’s directed four short films: “The missing man” (2010), “Sobremesa” (2012), “Forastero” (2013) and “The Bandages” (2013). She participated in the Laboratory of Cinema 2013 of the University Torcuato Di Tella, headed by Martin Rejtman and Andrés Di Tella. “Forastero” (15) is her first feature.


Martha Sosa

With over twenty years of experience in film production, Martha is one of the most renowned figures in the mexican film industry. Among the films he’s worked in are “Love’s a Bitch” (00) and “Presumably Guilty” (08). Her most recent production is “Solitude Square” (16), the first feature by Maya Goded which had its’ international premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2016.


Nicolás Celis

He studied business administration and attended several film production workshops around the world. He is the founder of Pimienta Films, an independent production company. He has worked in the production of well-known mexican films such as “Heli” (13), “We Are What We Are” (10), “The Tiniest Place” (11) and “Holy Week” (15).

Paulina Valencia

She is a producer and student of Film, Communication and Cultural Management. She works for Spécola, an independent production company. She’s worked in the production of films such as “The Hamsters” (12) and “Navajazo” (14). She is now finishing the second feature by Ricardo Silva and Julia Pastrana: “William, The New Judo Master”.

Ruth Somalo

A filmmaker, film programmer and academic. She works in New York as the associate programmer of the DOC NYC Festival and as the director of Horns and Tails Productions. Her two features (“200 km” and “Till You’re Told To Stop: James Blunt”) and several of her short films have been exhibited in both commercial theatres and renowned film festivals, museums such as MOMA PS1 in New York City and EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam.

Ryan Lattanzio

He’s been writing about film for almost a decade, collaborating in such papers as Indiewire, Thompson on Hollywood, the San Francisco Chronicle, the SF Bay Guardian and Frontiers, among many others. He’s covered and been to the most important film festivals: Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Telluride, SXSW. He’s also been a member of many juries, among them the Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival.