With the intention of creating spaces for the audience to ponder on the different areas of cinematographic labour, the Riviera Maya Film Festival presents Formación 2016, with the presence of renowned figures of the film industry.

This encounter offers a program of free academic activities: workshops, conferences and Master Classes given by directors, actors, producers and screenwriters, generating a meeting point between filmmakers and the audience.

Place: Blue Parrot. Calle 12 y Z. F. M Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.
Dates: Monday 27 and Tuesday 28, June.

Day 1.- Monday 27, June


9:30 am.- 10:00 am.

10:00 am.- 10:30 am.

10:30 am.- 11:30 am.

11:30 am.- 12:30 am

12:30 am.- 13:30 pm

13:30 pm.- 14:30 pm



1.- Lecture: “CANACINE: “Promoting the development of the film industry”


An invitation by the representative of the National Bureau of Cinema to apply for the CANACINE grant, a financial aid that the bureau gives every year through the Tribeca Film Institute. degree is a new event created by the bureau with the intention of promoting the pieces that comprise the film industry in Mexico.


Speaker: Andrea Gracia

2.- Lecture: “Approaching the industry of Made In Hollywood cinema”


From the view of a member of the producers and screenwriters guild, of the American film industry, we will approach the machinery that makes Hollywood film production possible.


3.- Panel: “Personal paths to fiction filmmaking”


These renowned young filmmakers, all from different nationalities, will exchange opinions on the importance of fiction filmmaking, to place themselves in front of the popular dichotomy: fiction or reality?



4.- Panel: “Different approaches to sexuality in fiction films: Directing and acting”


From both points of view, actors and directors wil lspeak on how human sexuality can be experienced through a written character.



5.- Panel: “Current Alternatives and Models of Film Production”


Important contemporary producers will speak on the new models for film production.





Day 2.- Tuesday 28, June

10:30 am.- 11:30 am.

11:30 am.- 12:30 am

12:30 am.- 13:30 pm

13:30 am.- 15:30 pm

6.- Lecture: “Challenges faced by film promotion and the creation of a new public”


An exploration of the difficulties faced by trying to promote films and designing strategies for the creation of a new public.



7.- Panel: “José Luis Torres Leiva, John Gianvito and Juan Manuel Sepúlveda: Three ways of approaching documentary filmmaking”


In this panel, we will presence an interesting exchange of anecdotes, opinions and perspectives between three documentary filmmakers.



8.- Panel: “The script and its narrative variations”


An encounter with film writers, who will be speaking to the public about the diverse narrative currents used in writing a screenplay.



9.- Panel: “CANACINE: “Filmmaking through the eyes of 7 Mexican Directors”


7 filmmakers, who have taken part in the Mexican Platform Section, share their stories about the course led by their projects to reach national and international screens.



Marcelino Islas

Marcelino Islas RMFF 2016 formacion

Yuleine Olaizola

Yuleine Olaizola RMFF 2016 formacion

Rubén Imaz

Ruben Imaz RMFF 2016 formacion

Carlos Mignon

Carlos Mignon RMFF 2016 formacion

Bruno Santamaría

Bruno Santamaria RMFF 2016 formacion

Manuel Sepúlveda

Juan Manuel Sepulveda rmff 2016 formacion

Everardo González

Everardo Gonzalez RMFF 2016 formacion