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This is a section devoted to local filmmakers. The selected films are screened during a competition show, where winners are awarded with two Kukulkan prizes for distribution. Also, the Youth Jury Award is given in this section.

The section presents films in special screenings attended by honored guests, including directors, producers, actors and personalities acknowledged for their contributions to the film industry.

Through its galas, the Riviera Maya Film Festival intends to bring its honored guests, close to the people, with films from different areas that combine artistic success and a range of multiple production schemes.

This selection of films addresses juncture aspects of contemporary society. Planetarium takes position on the world situation at various stages: censorship, global economy, human rights, deep culture, environment, and expression of cultural identity, among many. Topics are covered with a thoughtful approach and pay special attention to social and environmental responsibility.

These films show diverse perspectives aimed at mass audiences, offering outlooks, at times unexpected, on entertainment. The section combines productions recognized by critics, with major outlets, and movies that have been well received by their audience inside and outside their countries.

This section shows international author films, in all its genres and aspects. Bold filmmaking, suitable for the accomplished cinephile and the viewer who is curious for films that are regarded as art expression.

The selection uncovers alternative storytelling and film production, as it challenges the stricture of filmic language.

Authorial Panorama summons the most representative instances of recent international production and films repeatedly awarded in the world’s renowned film festivals.

This section presents completed films that have gone through previous editions of RivieraLAB as projects and have had a successful international trajectory. RivieraLAB endorses its purpose of supporting and promoting artistic quality and diversity of authorial voices, toward the completion of projects, their exchange and their promotion.