11 Minutes — Jerzy Skolimowski

11 Minutes
Poland-Ireland | 2015 | Color | 81 min.

Through a virtuous technical and narrative exercise, the consecrated polish director Jerzy Skolimowski reinvents the stories of interwoven lives in a more

Love & Peace — Sion Sono

Love & Peace
Japan | 2015 | Color | 117 min.

The new film by prolific Japanese provocateur Sion Sono has a double meaning: it could be took as a film full of symbolism that invite us to ponder on several more

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) — Eva Husson

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
France | 2015 | Color | 98 min.

Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and shown at the 7th European Film Festival of Les Arcs, the first feature by Eva Husson explores more

Lovesong — So Yong Kim

USA | 2016 | Color | 84 min.

A nominee for the Grand Prize of the Sundance Film Festival, the new film by So Yong Kim clears itself from the clichés on same-sex more

The Measure of a Man — Stéphane Brizé

The Measure of a Man
France | 2015 | Color | 93 min.

Several job interviews via Skype, lessons that won’t really help him to find a job and the constant threat of losing his house. Under such circumstances lives more

The Summer of Sangaile — Alanté Kavaïté

The Summer of Sangaile
Lithuania-France-Netherlands | 2015 | Color | 88 min.

Sangaile is a seventeen year old girl that lives in the capital city of Lithuania. Her taciturn personality suggests she is carrying some internal conflicts, more

Families — Jean-Paul Rappeneau

France | 2015 | Color | 113 min.

After a twelve-year absence, veteran filmmaker Jean-Paul Rappeneau, twice a nominee for the Palme d’Or, comes back with this dramatic comedy that more

Les Cowboys — Thomas Bidegain

Les Cowboys
France-Belgium | 2015 | Color | 104 min.

Consecrated screenwriter Thomas Bidegain sets himself up behind the cameras for the first time to tell the odyssey of a family who searches desperately for one more

Maggie’s Plan — Rebecca Miller

Maggie’s Plan
USA | 2015 | Color | 92 min.

Maggie es una profesora de diseño decidida e inteligente que vive en Nueva York. Su vida amorosa es un fracaso y esto le impide realizar algo more

Parisienne — Danielle Arbid

France | 2015 | Color | 119 min.

With some autobiographical elements, the new film by Danielle Arbid delves on the issue of female maturity in contemporary Paris: a subject that’ more

Schneider vs. Bax — Alex van Warmerdam

Schneider vs. Bax
Netherlands | 2015 | Color | 96 min.

Schneider is one year older and he has promised his wife to participate in the preparations for the birthday dinner. However, he receives a call from his more

Trap — Brillante Mendoza

Philippines | 2015 | Color | 97 min.

After the Yolanda typhoon, one of the most powerful disasters in modern times, the city of Tacloban in the Philippines, was completely destroyed. In this more

Disorder — Alice Winocour

France-Belgium | 2015 | Color | 98 min.

Vincent is a French soldier that’s just returned from Afghanistan. Just as many other combatants, he suffers from post-traumatic stress, but doesn’ more