Planetarium selection


The Good Christian — Izabel Acevedo

The Good Christian
Mexico | 2016 | Color | 120 min.

Director Izabel Acevedo grew up under the sequels of a coup d’etat that her home country, Guatemala, suffered in 1982 headed by José Efrain Ríos more

Erosion — Carlos Underwood, Sergio Santiago

Mexico | 2016 | Color | 77 min.

Con testimonios de investigadores, académicos, activistas, científicos y miembros de la sociedad civil, el documental de Carlos Underwood y Sergio more

Súbic — John Gianvito

Philippines-USA | 2015 | Color | 277 min.

In 2006 the academic and independent filmmaker John Gianvito traveled to the Philippines with the intention of researching in order to shoot a fiction more

TA’ANG — Wang Bing

Hong Kong-France | 2016 | Color | 148 min.

Considered among the most influential and important documentary filmmakers of recent times, Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing is a master of the observational more

A Young Patriot — Du Haibin

A Young Patriot
China-France-USA | 2015 | Color | 106 min.

Zhao Chantong is a young Chinese man born in 1989 in a province of China. During his lifetime he’s seen economic and social transformation in his country, more