rmff 2016 Selection


Scorched Water — Alexander Hick

Scorched Water
Mexico | 2015 | Color | 76 min.

Searching for the unique Axolotl, an endemic salamander that used to live in the former lake of Mexico, “Scorched Water” is an essayistic inquiry into survival and...read more

Bictor Ugo — Josep María Bendicho, Carlos Clausell

Bictor Ugo
Mexico-Spain | 2015 | Color | 60 min.

Ugo, a magician and curmudgeon (as he defines himself), lives from drink to drink in a crowded, eclectic working-class neighborhood that seems like...read more

El paso — Everardo González Reyes

El paso
Mexico | 2015 | Color | 76 min.

This is a story about the families of those who once were our witnesses, eyes and voice, but were threatened, had to leave Mexico and forced to live in exile...read more

Epitafio — Yulene Olaizola, Rubén Imaz

Mexico | 2015 | Color | 82 min.

In 1519, before arriving into the Aztec Capital Mexico-Tenochtitlan, three Spanish Conquistadors march to the summit of the 5,400 meter high Popocatepetl...read more

The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park — Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park
Mexico | 2016 | Color | 70 min.

“The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park” is a film that celebrates the every day life of a group of First Nations, exiles from the Canadian reserves, who, over...read more

La caridad — Marcelino Islas Hernández

La caridad
Mexico | 2015 | Color | 107 min.

The routine of Angelica and José Luis, who have been married for over thirty years, is suddenly transformed when he has an accident and loses a...read more

Mañana psicotrópica — Alexandro Aldrete

Mañana psicotrópica
Mexico | 2015 | Color | 82 min.

To pay for a trip to the beach, a group of friends from Querétaro sell their LSD tabs, ecstasy pills and magic mushrooms. Among psychotropics and nature...read more

Maquinaria panamericana — Joaquín del Paso

Maquinaria panamericana
Mexico-Poland | 2016 | Color | 88 min.

After winning the RivieraLab Work in Progress Award at the 2015 edition of RMFF, the first feature by Joaquín del Paso was premiered at the Forum section of the...read more

Margarita — Bruno Arnaldo Santamaría Razo

Mexico | 2016 | Color | 73 min.

A Young filmmaker records a documentary on the life of a woman that inhabits the streets of Mexico City. When he tries to unite the fragments of the stories...read more

Parque Lenin — Itziar Leemans, Carlos Mignon

Parque Lenin
Mexico-France | 2015 | Color | 75 min.

Four years ago, Antoin, Yesuán and Karla lost their mother. Nowadays, Yesuán overcomes his mourning through the illusion that Antoin, his oldest brother...read more

Pozoamargo — Enrique Rivero

Mexico-Spain | 2015 | Color-B&W | 99 min.

When Jesus finds out he has contracted a venereal disease, he runs away and hides in the country working as a peasant. Desire, guilt and self-punishment...read more

Semana Santa — Alejandra Márquez Abella

Semana Santa
Mexico | 2015 | Color | 87 min.

Dali and her 8-year-old son Pepe take a vacation to Acapulco with Dali’s boyfriend, Chavez. Instead of bringing them closer, their beach holiday brings...read more

Tempestad — Tatiana Huezo

Mexico | 2016 | Color | 105 min.

A woman is held in a jail controlled by a crime organization while another woman searches for her missing daughter. Through images that submerge us on a trip from the...read more

Despite the Night — Philippe Grandrieux

Despite the Night
France-Canada | 2015 | Color | 150 min.

Jealousy, love, music and lives themselves are the principal elements in the new film by Philippe Grandrieux, a specialist in extremity and in breaking...read more

I Saw the Light — Marc Abraham

I Saw the Light
USA | 2015 | Color/B&W | 123 min

With superb acting from Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston, this film is a biopic about Hank Williams, a country music figure whose legacy has inspired artists...read more

Julieta — Pedro Almodóvar

Spain | 2016 | Color | 99 min.

In his 20th feature film, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar treats issues of mother-daughter relationships, guilt and above all, abandon: all these constant...read more

Miles Ahead — Don Cheadle

Miles Ahead
USA | 2015 | Color | 100 min.

This film directed, acted, produced and also written by Don Cheadle is not a biography of the trumpeter and composer Miles Davis, but an explosive film...read more

The Good Christian — Izabel Acevedo

The Good Christian
Mexico | 2016 | Color | 120 min.

Director Izabel Acevedo grew up under the sequels of a coup d’etat that her home country, Guatemala, suffered in 1982 headed by José Efrain Ríos Montt...read more

Erosion — Carlos Underwood, Sergio Santiago

Mexico | 2016 | Color | 77 min.

Con testimonios de investigadores, académicos, activistas, científicos y miembros de la sociedad civil, el documental de Carlos Underwood y Sergio Santiago...read more

Súbic — John Gianvito

Philippines-USA | 2015 | Color | 277 min.

In 2006 the academic and independent filmmaker John Gianvito traveled to the Philippines with the intention of researching in order to shoot a fiction feature...read more

TA’ANG — Wang Bing

Hong Kong-France | 2016 | Color | 148 min.

Considered among the most influential and important documentary filmmakers of recent times, Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing is a master of the observational documentary...read more

A Young Patriot — Du Haibin

A Young Patriot
China-France-USA | 2015 | Color | 106 min.

Zhao Chantong is a young Chinese man born in 1989 in a province of China. During his lifetime he’s seen economic and social transformation in his country, but...read more

11 Minutes — Jerzy Skolimowski

11 Minutes
Poland-Ireland | 2015 | Color | 81 min.

Through a virtuous technical and narrative exercise, the consecrated polish director Jerzy Skolimowski reinvents the stories of interwoven lives in a film...read more

Love & Peace — Sion Sono

Love & Peace
Japan | 2015 | Color | 117 min.

The new film by prolific Japanese provocateur Sion Sono has a double meaning: it could be took as a film full of symbolism that invite us to ponder on several subjects...read more

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) — Eva Husson

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
France | 2015 | Color | 98 min.

Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and shown at the 7th European Film Festival of Les Arcs, the first feature by Eva Husson explores the...read more

Lovesong — So Yong Kim

USA | 2016 | Color | 84 min.

A nominee for the Grand Prize of the Sundance Film Festival, the new film by So Yong Kim clears itself from the clichés on same-sex relationships...read more

The Measure of a Man — Stéphane Brizé

The Measure of a Man
France | 2015 | Color | 93 min.

Several job interviews via Skype, lessons that won’t really help him to find a job and the constant threat of losing his house. Under such circumstances lives Thierry...read more

The Summer of Sangaile — Alanté Kavaïté

The Summer of Sangaile
Lithuania-France-Netherlands | 2015 | Color | 88 min.

Sangaile is a seventeen year old girl that lives in the capital city of Lithuania. Her taciturn personality suggests she is carrying some internal conflicts, such...read more

Families — Jean-Paul Rappeneau

France | 2015 | Color | 113 min.

After a twelve-year absence, veteran filmmaker Jean-Paul Rappeneau, twice a nominee for the Palme d’Or, comes back with this dramatic comedy that premiered...read more

Les Cowboys — Thomas Bidegain

Les Cowboys
France-Belgium | 2015 | Color | 104 min.

Consecrated screenwriter Thomas Bidegain sets himself up behind the cameras for the first time to tell the odyssey of a family who searches desperately for one of...read more

Maggie’s Plan — Rebecca Miller

Maggie’s Plan
USA | 2015 | Color | 92 min.

Maggie es una profesora de diseño decidida e inteligente que vive en Nueva York. Su vida amorosa es un fracaso y esto le impide realizar algo que...read more

Parisienne — Danielle Arbid

France | 2015 | Color | 119 min.

With some autobiographical elements, the new film by Danielle Arbid delves on the issue of female maturity in contemporary Paris: a subject that’s...read more

Schneider vs. Bax — Alex van Warmerdam

Schneider vs. Bax
Netherlands | 2015 | Color | 96 min.

Schneider is one year older and he has promised his wife to participate in the preparations for the birthday dinner. However, he receives a call from his boss...read more

Trap — Brillante Mendoza

Philippines | 2015 | Color | 97 min.

After the Yolanda typhoon, one of the most powerful disasters in modern times, the city of Tacloban in the Philippines, was completely destroyed. In this context...read more

Disorder — Alice Winocour

France-Belgium | 2015 | Color | 98 min.

Vincent is a French soldier that’s just returned from Afghanistan. Just as many other combatants, he suffers from post-traumatic stress, but doesn’t...read more

Actor Martinez — Nathan Silver, Mike Ott

Actor Martinez
USA | 2015 | Color | 75 min.

La frontera entre realidad y ficción, un tema constante en la cinematografía, vuelve a tratarse en este filme de los directores independientes Silver y Ott ...read more

Sunset Song — Terence Davies

Sunset Song
United Kingdom-Luxembourg | 2015 | Color | 135 min.

Considered among the most important auteurs of British cinema in the last decades, Terence Davies comes back after a four year hiatus and does it with an...read more

The Movement — Benjamín Naishtat

The Movement
Argentina-South Korea | 2015 | B&W | 70 min.

The new film by up and coming director Benjamin Naishtat mixes a series of elements from historical epic, political thriller and western to offer...read more

The Winds Know I’m Coming Back Home — José Luis Torres Leiva

The Winds Know I’m Coming Back Home
Chile | 2015 | Color | 102 min.

In the eighties, a young couple disappeared mysteriously in southern Chile, creating all kinds of rumors and legends on the subject. This story was the...read more

In Jackson Heights — Frederick Wiseman

In Jackson Heights
USA | 2015 | Color | 190 min.

Bengali women who take classes to obtain American nationality, Muslims praying in a living room, Mexican migrants earning their living and...read more

Eve Doesn’t Sleep — Pablo Agüero

Eve Doesn’t Sleep
Argentina-Spain-France-Mexico | 2015 | Color | 85 min.

1952, Eva Perón dies aged 32 due to cancer. A Spanish anatomist embalms her in a perfect way, he even corrects a few imperfections on the skin of this woman...read more

Evolution — Lucile Hadzihalilovic

France-Belgium-Spain | 2015 | Color | 81 min.

In this film, director Lucile Hadzihalilovic utilizes again some of the themes already present in her previous films, such as the processes of maturity, the female condition...read more

Francofonia — Aleksandr Sokurov

France-Germany-Netherlands | 2015 | Color-B&W | 88 min.

After 13 years of making his Russian Ark at the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, Russian filmmaker Aleksandr Sokurov shows again the entrails of an important...read more

Story of Judas — Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche

Story of Judas
France | 2015 | Color | 90 min.

On his fifth feature, director Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche attempts a fresh gaze at one of the most disputed figures of history: Judas Iscariot, who in this film is...read more

Incident Light — Ariel Rotter

Incident Light
Argentina-France-Uruguay | 2015 | B&W | 95 min.

Luisa’s husband dies in an accident. She is a refined and elegant woman, incapable of overcoming loss and the responsibilities she now faces: she...read more

No Home Movie — Chantal Akerman

No Home Movie
Belgium-France | 2015 | Color | 115 min.

“A swansong”, “the compendium of an original and sincere work”, “a deeply moving essay” are only some of the phrases international critics have used in trying to describe...read more

Oleg y las raras artes — Andrés Duque

Oleg y las raras artes
Spain | 2016 | Color | 67 min.

As a boy he was considered a genius and even went so far as to play the piano for Josef Stalin. He has dedicated his life to music, composing scores for both film...read more

Dark in the White Light — Vimukthi Jayasundara

Dark in the White Light
Sri Lanka-France | 2015 | Color | 82 min.

With an oeuvre that constantly blurs the line between reality and fiction, mixes surrealism with humour and cinema with visual arts, Vimukthi...read more

Peace to Us in Our Dreams — Sharunas Bartas

Peace to Us in Our Dreams
Lithuania-France-Russia | 2015 | Color | 107 min.

Premiered at the Director’s Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival 2015, the eighth feature by Lithuanian filmmaker Sharunas Bartas explores the difficulties of...read more

How Heavy This Hammer — Kazik Radwanski

How Heavy This Hammer
Canada | 2015 | Color | 75 min.

With his second feature, Canadian director Kazik Radwanski confirms his well-deserved spot in the growing panorama of Canadian cinema: he is one...read more

Afternoon — Tsai Ming-liang

Taiwan | 2015 | Color | 137 min.

Shown out of competition at the Venice Film Festival, this non-fiction film is a pretext for the enfant terrible of the Asian cinema to open up in front of the camera, after a kind of artistic...read more

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery — Lavrente Indico Diaz

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery
Philippines-Singapour | 2015 | B&W | 485 min.

As in almost all of his previous films, the new work by Filipino master Lav Diaz is a rather unique aesthetic experience for the viewer, not...read more

The Monument Hunter — Jerónimo Rodríguez

The Monument Hunter
Chile | 2015 | Color | 71 min.

After seeing in a film the statue of a Portuguese neurologist, Jorge finds himself in a cross-fire. His neurons are disparaged, the past is coming back....read more

Forastero — Lucía Ferreyra

Argentina | 2015 | Color/B&W | 60 min.

Young Nicolas returns to Mar del Sur, in the Argentinean coast, to spend the summer with his friend Jaime. The boys waste away their days at the beach, but....read more

Oscuro animal — Felipe Guerrero

Oscuro animal
Colombia-Argentina-Netherlands-Germany-Greece | 2016 | Color | 107 min.

Employing a clear contrast between the close-ups of its’ protagonists and the panoramic views of the Colombian jungle, the film follows the story of three women who....read more

Silenciosa — Sofía Medrano

Argentina-Mexico | 2016 | Color | 73 min.

The story of the mysterious disappearance of a mountaineer, who was last seen twelve years ago. Ana, his girlfriend, reinitiates the search going back to the place....read more

I, Olga Hepnarova — Petr Kazda, Tomás Weinreb

I, Olga Hepnarova
Czech Republic-Poland-Slovakia-France | 2016 | B&W | 105 min.

After competing at the RivieraLab Work in Progress section of the fourth edition of RMFF, the first feature by these Czech directors premiered successfully at the....read more

Who is Oda Jaune? — Kamilla Pfeffer

Who is Oda Jaune?
Germany | 2016 | Color | 75 min.

Kamilla Pfeffer starts as a director with this documentary on the mysterious painter Oda Jaune. Born in Bulgaria, Jaune studied at the Academy of... read more

24 Weeks — Anne Zohra Berrached

24 Weeks
Germany | 2016 | Color | 103 min.

As she did in her first feature “Two Mothers”, director Anne Zohra Berrached treats now, in her second film, the issue of pregnancy. Moving away...read more